Cheval Sombre – Well It’s Hard

Music video for ‘Well It’s Hard’ by Cheval Sombre, part of his album ‘Days Go By’.

If you ever listened to Cheval Sombre’s music you know how precious and delicate it is, and to capture that we proposed to make the video using the traditional animation of frame by frame hand drawings.

Aesthetically we chose to create characters and situations using simple lines made with a pencil’s brushstroke, and without too many details to be easier to connect and identify. 

This was the first single from the album that deals with the passage of time in a positive light, and we wanted to create scenarios that could represent that in a subtle and gentle way: the smoke of coffee, a musician playing his guitar, the clouds moving, a butterfly flapping its wings…

It was a pleasure to work with Cheval Sombre and experiment with a more traditional technique of animating, and as his music colors our ears with beauty and simplicity, we hope to have painted a picture in the same way.