Maria Reis – Olívia

Music video for Maria Reis’ song “Olívia”, from her album Flor da Urtiga

Wanting to mix illustration with 3D character animation, we created this video inspired by Maria’s lyrics and the meaning behind the song.The song deals with the struggle between what is expected from us by society and family versus what we really feel.

Based on that we created a narrative of a character falling into a new place and being chased by a menace follower.
All the elements were hand-drawn first, and then we turned the characters in 3D, keeping the backgrounds as 2D illustrations, to create a contrast of styles.

The title Olívia is based on Maria Reis’ newborn niece, and she represents comfort for that struggle, suggesting that the character can find peace without having to fulfill those societal roles. To illustrate that it was important to show the two characters finding each other and embracing, and as Maria repeatedly sings for Olívia on the song, we also filled the screen with her name.

This project gave us the opportunity to work for the first time with a Portuguese musician (from where we are from) and opened the door for us to explore mixed techniques and new ways to tell stories.

Maria Reis – Flor de Urtiga is out via Cafetra Records, you can listen here:

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Porto, Portugal