Sonic Boom – Just a Little Piece of Me

Music video for ‘Just a Little Piece of Me’ by Sonic Boom, featuring Panda Bear, from his record ‘All Things Being Equal’.

This project started as small loops using the elements present in the fantastic artwork created by Marco Papiro. From that, we expanded to a full music video, where those elements live inside their colorful world and they pop up and move on the screen in sync with the song.

We treated those elements as living beings, always moving and floating along with the scenery. To express camera movement we added lines to the background, to make it seem like we’re approaching the shinning horizon.

In some parts, we put some of the elements together to create a more figurative representation of the lyrics, and in other cases used the colors and speed to make them work with the instrumental.

This was our first music video and it lit the spark in us to do much more.

All Things Being Equal is the first album by Sonic Boom in 30 years, is out via Carpark and you can listen to it here:
And for more about Marco Papiro designs:

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