Sonic Boom – Tick Tock

Music video for ‘Tick Tock (Remix)’ by Sonic Boom, from his remix LP ‘Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough’.

This work is a continuation of what we did on ‘Just a Little Piece of Me’, exploring the new visual world and color palette created by designer Marco Papiro. 

Since the album features remix versions of the songs previously released, we wanted the visual elements to also have this remix feeling, and for that we made them constantly change colors, creating a type of modular animation that mimics a pulsating and constant transformation.

To represent the theme of the song, we synched the visuals with Pete Kember’s voice and made them move as pendulums from wall clocks. In the background, we added a red strobe light that flicks with some of the instruments. 

The vinyl copy of the LP comes with a poster that assembles all the elements on an epic scene, and we felt that it was a perfect conclusion to the video, going from micro to macro, and revealing this giant landscape of color and shapes.

‘Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough’ is out via Carpark and you can listen to it here:
Find more about Marco Papiro designs on his website:

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