About us

We are Sparks Studio, a multidisciplinary studio from Porto focused on the music world, founded by Cristiana Figueiredo and Lucas Moreira.

We share a deep love for music and visual arts, and making them come together.

Our work explore many visual methods to illustrate the work of each artist, and we make everything since the storytelling to the final production, through areas like graphic design, video, illustration, and animation.

We make music visual.



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Our work



We see our work as a collaboration between the music and the visuals, and between the musician and us.

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Our skills

We like to experiment with many techniques like hand drawn animation, collages, vector art, 3D, and many more.

Showreel 2022


We love to make things moving through videoclipes, lyric videos, or animations!


We try to find the perfect image for each project.


Who said you can’t dress a song?