Animal Collective – Bridge to Quiet

Music video for ‘Bridge to Quiet’ by Animal Collective, to celebrate the first year anniversary of the EP with the same name. 

This visual started with a simple image in mind: the steps of a giant in sync with the song’s drumbeat. 

This EP was recorded by the band during lockdown and some of the sounds and the artwork evoked a bit of the struggle that comes with that situation, and the band also always had a strong connection with nature, so by thinking about those factors, we found the perfect place for our giant to live: on a desert island, floating in the ocean, but with the company of some friendly animals on his side.

The music video was entirely made in 3D, with us modeling multiple characters and animating them along with each other, and the visual inspirations came from children’s books to old cartoons.  

To capture the noisy intro of the song we used the first minutes of the video to explore the island, which is in a really bad shape (possibly humans’ fault?), and the awakening of our main character, the giant, who is super colorful and full of life. As he sees a new island in the distance, one in a better shape, he walks in that direction, until he realizes that his pet friends can’t go along, which leads him to make the decision to become the bridge for them to this new home.

This was our biggest project to date and we wanted to treat it like a short animation movie, giving a little color to an otherwise dark subject, and trying to visually capture what maybe makes Animal Collective’s music so intriguing: always seeing our world as a source of inspiration and with a sense of wonder.

‘Bridge to Quiet’ is out via Domino Records and you can to it here listen here:

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Porto, Portugal